“There is no league like the Champions League”Article
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Despite problems with the club finances, Dunaferr goalkeeper Sanela Knezovic is looking forward to the CL qualifications with great enthusiasm.

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“There is no league like the Champions League”

Dunaferr is among the most famous European handball clubs. The Hungarian team had a successful season and they form a good team with great perspectives. The players wanted to stay together and continue the progress, but unexpected problems occurred.

Due to financial problems, Dunaferr was forced to let go four players: goalkeeper Ungureanu, left back Mörtel, right wing Lovász and middle back Pignicki. On the other hand, left wing Nagy and middle back Temes arrived to reinforce the team.

New team

Dunaferr will play with young talentsThis was a great shock for the Croatian international, Sanela Knezovic:

“The club had problems and it was a big shock for me and the entire team. We all wanted to stay together at least one more season because we simply felt that great results will be coming soon. But now we are building a new team without some players and with some new younger ones. It is hard because now we have a very young team with less substitute players and we have to start again.”

Hard work and a bit of luck

The goalkeeper is not afraid of hard work:

“We have very tough season in front of us but we are not afraid of the challenges. It is important that we believe in ourselves and concentrate on our game.”

The 28-year old finds FCK favourite for taking the first place in Group 4 of Qualification Tournament 2:

“Qualifications will be played in Copenhagen, we all know who is Anja Andersen and her new team FCK will be a great favourite for winning this tournament. There is also Motor who may never be underestimated and Naisa from Serbia. The first place is the key. We will have to work very hard and have a bit of luck to reach it.

The good news is that the second place can take the team to the EHF Cup, which is not so bad for us, since our needs many matches to improve.”

Knezovic&Co are not discouraged; they will do everything in their power to reach first spot:

“Despite all the problems, no doubt my team will give their best to qualify. I must admit that I miss CL very much. There is no other league like the CL.”

TEXT: Ivan Ambros