Tanja Milanovic: “FCK has a place in the CL”Article
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Eurohandball.com talks to Tanja Milanovic about her new team, about Anja Andersen and her expectations from the new CL season. The 31-year old has no doubts that her team will qualify for the CL.

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Tanja Milanovic: “FCK has a place in the CL”

The Serbian left back has been one of the best scorers in Danish league for years. In 2006 she was elected the best player of Danish league.

Eurohandball.com: Preparations are over, the Danish Championship started. What are your first impressions about the team?

Andersen brings passion to her new teamTanja Milanovic: During preparations we missed a lot our players who were at the Olympics. Now TOMS league started and the problem is that we did not have the opportunity to train much with full squad. But we will work hard to make up for this. In general, preparing in a new team was interesting. We all have to get used to a new system playing system and we are all hungry for matches.

Eurohandball.com: For the first time you will have the opportunity to work with Anja Andersen. What do you think about her? Is she different from your former coaches?

Tanja Milanovic: Anja is simply a unique personality and totally focused on handball. She is also born a winner and outside of court she is a great friend. When we compare her to other coaches, she has much bigger experience and great ability to transfer her knowledge and ideas to the players.

Eurohandball.com: Anja Andersen and majority of her players moved from Slagelse to FCK. Your team seems to be the favourite for winning the TOMS league this season. Or maybe you expect surprises?

Tanja Milanovic: I don’t think there will be surprises. Besides us, there are also Viborg, Ikastand Kolding. They also have a fair chance to win the title.

Eurohandball.com: You started your carrier in Napredak Krusevac. Then you moved to Madeira, Randers and Ikast. Besides handball, what is attractive in Denmark?

Tanja Milanovic: Great conditions and the best handball league in the world. Apart from this, Denmark also offers a nice life quality. I only miss my family and more sunny days.

Eurohandball.com: You are one of the best scorers of TOMS league. After four years you will once again compete in the Champions League. FCK will soon play QT 2 against Dunaferr, Zaporozhye and Naisa. What do you expect? 

Tanja Milanovic: The overall favourite is Zvezda Zvenigorod, but every year brings surprises. I’m really looking forward to the CL season and I think FCK has a place in the CL.

TEXT: Ivan Ambros