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The French handballer will play for the rival, Ciudad Real.

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Jerome Fernandez leaving Barcelona

The French international player, Jerome Fernandez, will not play for Barcelona next season. The Spanish club and Fernandez agreed to terminate their contract so that Fernandez can play for Ciudad Real. The Catalonian club explained that they knew about the negotiations between the player and Ciudad and they preferred to solve the problem as soon as it was possible.

The good relationship has come to an endEnric Masip, Barcelona manager, talked to the media about it: “We decided to say goodbye to the player before the situation creates problem for the team. Jerome continued negotiations with our greatest rival and this could create a bad atmosphere around him”.

The relationship of Cadenas and Fernandez deteriorated in the last months of the last season. The French player said before going to Beijing: “I know that in my last year in Barcelona I will be watching the games from the stands.”

Fernandez will probably sign soon with Ciudad as the two Spanish clubs agreed that Barcelona will have an option next season to sign a player from Ciudad. It is one of most important transfers of the season because Fernandez arrived in Barcelona seven years ago and he won ten titles for the Catalonian club. He will complete a very strong roaster in Ciudad Real.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goni