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Silvia Navarro: team play decides

CL qualifications are coming up soon. The Spanish Itxako will host Group 1 of Qualification Tournament 2. The heat in Estella is rising. talks to Itxako’s goalkeeper Silvia Navarro. The key player of the Spanish team is convinced: team play will be decisive in the group.

Good defending is foundamental for Navarro (Itxako in red)Although she was born in Valencia, Navarro feels at home in Estella. After years spent at the club, the 29-year old player has become very popular among Itxako fans.

Before signing for Itxako, Navarro played five CL seasons with Valencia (called Sagunto today) and Ferrobus (Ribarroja today). Her experience was often decisive for the team of Ambros Martin. The preparations for the new season are coming to an end. What is the atmosphere like in your team?

Silvia Navarro: We started preparations on 23 July. We prepare for many competitions, CL qualifications, Spanish championship, Spanish Cup and Spanish League Cup. All the players want to give their best, be fully prepared for the challenges and to reach the best results possible. The team is working hard and looking forward to big results this season. Itxako show improvement year by year…

Silvia Navarro: Itxako improves on all levels. On a sporting level we need to thank Ambros Martin and Manuel Etayo for doing a great job. Also club officials are working hard to offer better conditions for the players every year. And that is a secret of our success. What are your goals for this season?

Silvia Navarro: My personal goals are everything. First of all, I want to do better than last season. I have to admit that last season was a big success, but we can do better and we will do better. As an athlete, I always want to improve. Itxako and Podravka are favourites for winning the group. Both teams have excellent goalkeepers. Itxako have Silvia Navarro and Podravka have Ivana Jelcic and Paula Ungureanu. Do you think goalkeepers will decide or something else?

Silvia Navarro: I don’t think one player can decide the winner. So goalkeepers cannot decide anything either. First of all, goalkeepers depend on defending. We can do nothing without a strong defence.

I believe that victories come as result of good work by everybody involved: players, coaches, everybody. Of course sometimes it seems that one player decides the match, but the truth is something completely different. Team play decides the winner. If every player in the team gives his maximum, results will come.

CL is a competition for the best only and details will decide. The team who will be better prepared both physically and mentally will have the greater chance for a good result.

TEXT: Ivan Ambros