CO Zagreb defeat Viborg and VeszprémArticle
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Veszprém held Zagreb to a draw, but the Croats took the trophy after 7-m shots.

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CO Zagreb defeat Viborg and Veszprém

With Ivano Balic in the team, the Croatian champions took part at a tournament in the Hungarian town of Balatonfüred.

Veszprém had to surrender after 7-m shotsAt the first match Croatia osiguranje Zagreb defeated Viborg by 29:27 (17:14).

The second opponent was Veszprém in the final. The first half ended with a 11:11, and the final result of the match was also a draw, 27:27. After 7-meter shots Zagreb won by 35:34

The best player of the tournament was Igor Vori, while the top scorer was Kiro Lazarov.

In these two matches Lino Cervar gave the possibility to all of his players, trying various combinations. The tournament in Hungary was the last test for the Croatians before the start of the Croatian league on Friday. Until then, Zagreb will be in Crikvenica where they will work on tactics. Cervar will also have the opportunity to refresh his players after a “long Olympic summer”.


RK Osiguranje Zagreb –HK Viborg 29-27 (17-14)
MKB Veszprém KC–Dunaferr SE44-34 (19-15)

Bronze game
Dunaferr SE–HK Viborg 25-23 (9-10, 21-21), 7-m shots

RK Osiguranje Zagreb–MKB Veszprém KC 35-34 (11-11, 27-27), 7-m shots

TEXT: Ivan Ambros