Győr win Anita Kulcsár TournamentArticle
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Lada, Valcea, Dunaferr and Győr played a strong preparation tournament.

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Győr win Anita Kulcsár Tournament

Görbicz&Co. did a good job in DunaújvárosPreparations for the new season enter the final phase. The teams are almost ready for the biggest challenge of the season, the Champions League.

One of the strongest preparation tournaments was held in Dunaújváros. Four CL participants arrived in Hungary to play test matches and also to remember the former world class handballer, Anita Kulcsár, who died in an accident in 2005.

The Hungarian champions Győr took first place, home team Dunaferr came in second, Romanian champions Oltchim Valcea were third and Russian champion Lada Togliatti fourth.


Dunaferr vs. Győri Audi ETO 31:33 (16:14)
Temes 9, Vincze 9; Görbicz 11, Mravikova 7

Lada Togliatti vs. Oltchim Valcea 25:31 (13:14)
Kurbanova 7; Meirosu 7

Győri Audi ETO vs. Oltchim Valcea 29:26 (14:12)
Görbicz 9; Maier 6

Dunaferr vs. Lada Togliatti 30:25 (19:14)
Temes 10, Ferling 7; Davidenko 5, Kurbanova 5

Győri Audi ETO vs. Lada Togliatti 31:26 (18:11)
Bradeanu 7, Szölösi 6; Lukjenyenko 4, Csernoivananko 4

Dunaferr vs. Oltchim Valcea 30:26 (15:11)
Vincze 8; Lecusanu 5

TEXT: Ivan Ambros