Haukar join Veszprém, Flensburg and ZaporozhyeArticle
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The Icelandic champions reach the group stage for the fifth time in their history.

Haukar join Veszprém, Flensburg and Zaporozhye

After defeating Cyprus College in two matches, champions of Iceland qualify for the CL.

Haukar return to the CL after season 2005/06Both qualification matches were played in Nicosia.

The first match was a real thriller. Although Haukar had the lead almost during the entire match, the home team managed to come very close at the end and nearly win. The match ended with 31:30 in favour of guests.

Brynjarson scored 6 goals and Sveinsson 5 for the victory of Haukar. Argyrou was the best scorer with 10 goals and Jagodic and Nikiforou scored 6 goals each.

The second match ended with a more convincing score, 34:30 for the Icelandic champions.

Haukar started well and the first half ended with a five-goal margin (18:13). After the break the guests even had a 24:17 lead. The home team only managed to come closer at the end to 34:30.

The top scorers of Haukar were Halldorsson and Sveinsson with 6 goals each;

Argyrou scored 10 and Nikiforou 6 goals for Cyprus.

This will be the fifth CL season for the Icelandic champions. Haukar will play in Group F with Veszprém, Flensburg and Zaporozhye. In the first round they will play at home against the Ukrainian champions.

TEXT: Ivan Ambros