A.S.E. Doukas: big favouritesArticle
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Doukas got very close to reaching the group phase with a 12-goal victory. Read the comments and report from Greece.

A.S.E. Doukas: big favourites

The winner of the pairing, Doukas secured and important victory with 35-23 in Greece against the Estonian champion Polva Serviti. The Greek team is very close to the Champions League group phase for the first time in their history.

Doukas in attack (photo: www.actionimages.gr)The most valuable player in the game was Nikos Mountzouridis. The 24 year old right back scored 10 goals and he led the Greek attacks with playmaker Sasa Zivoulovic (8 goals). Meanwhile, goalkeeper Giorgos Georgiadis provided the necessary safety for the team.

After a bad first half (14-13), the Greek team managed to destroy the opponents’ plans in the second half. Doukas improved the performance by improving their defence, counter-attacks. They won the second half by 21-10 creating a final score of 35-23.

The 12 goals difference is a significant advantage before the second game coming up on Saturday.

Going for another win

The coach of Doukas, Giorgos Kranakis, commented:
"We wanted the win, but the goal difference comes handy. I would like to congratulate the players; they proved their dedication with their performance. In the first half the team was under stress and the players wanted to do everything alone. In the second half the cooperation between players significantly improved and that was enough to secure the victory. We solved the defensive problems we had initially, which caused us fast and easy goals, and that explains the big difference in the final score. We want to win the second leg because the Estonians are very dangerous at home".

Doukas against Pölviti in the CL qualifiers (www.actionimages.gr)Captain of Doukas, Grigoris Hatsatourian, (foto) said:
''We had one inert first half. It appeared that our game was confused. In the second half we played passionately. The first step was made and the second game needs our full attention. We have not managed to qualify yet".

The Greeks team's playmaker, Sasa Zivoulovic, commented:
"These were two very different halftimes. The first one was nervous and looked like we wanted to finish the game in just ten minutes. I believe that this happened because it was the first game of the season. We realised at halftime that this attitude was going nowhere and we did what we had to do. Personally, I predict that the opponent will be much stronger at home. We must not relax because of the 12-goal difference".

TEXT: Konstantinos Chatzidimitriou