Ciudad Real and Barcelona: Spanish Super CupArticle
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The Spanish top teams open the season with a "classico".

Ciudad Real and Barcelona: Spanish Super Cup

The Spanish season will open with a “classico”, Ciudad Real vs Barcelona.

Dujshebaev’s team closed a perfect season winning five titles and now there is the opportunity to begin the new season similarly.

Ciudad had plenty to celebrate last seasonThe Olympic players of both teams arrived back to training sessions last Monday, so the coaches will have some difficulties and this game may not show the real strength of the two sides. Nevertheless, this will be the first game where the fans can see the new players of Barcelona and Ciudad Real.

This match will be played in Albacete that has no top level team. Asobal intends to promote handball in this city near Ciudad Real. The event will be a real party with a concert given by the Spanish singer Edurne for the fans in Albacete. The Spanish handball society will be there in full numbers.

Talant Dujshebaev cannot count on Alberto Entrerrios and Pajovic. There is bad news about Entrerrios who suffered a leg injury and he will be out for two months.

Ales Pajovic is not ready for the game, but his problems are not so serious and he will by okay for the first game of the Asobal League.

Urios, Rutenka and Chema Rodriguez were injured during the summer preparations, but they are fit now and Djusebaiev can count on them.

Manuel Cadenas is in a similar situation. The Beijing Games were not an easy period for the Barcelona coach. Iker Romero, Demetrio Lozano and Jerome Fernandez are not ready to play. The French will be out for three weeks with problems from the Olympic Games. Lozano and Romero will return sooner, while Jernemyr, a new Barcelona player, is also unsure to play with back pains.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goni