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The CL season begins this weekend with the qualification tournaments. The Turkish side aim at reaching the group phase.

Milli Piyango favourite in group A

The Turkish, Italian Slovak and Swiss champions will meet this weekend in Ankara for the Group A of the CL Qualification Tournament 1.

Bratislava builds on young, local talentsThe host team Milli Piyango have big plans for this CL season. The club is determined to make a historical achievement – to qualify for the CL.

Alizar: reinforcement for Milli

They will be helped in this ambitious plan by an experienced goalkeeper, Tatiana Alizar. The Russian international arrived from Krim Mercator after with the Slovenian champions. This will be her 10th CL season.

A Brazilian right back, Adriana Lima do Nascimiento, will also join Ozel and Co. from Spanish Alicante.

A line player, Ivana Mladenovic, has been signed by Italian champion Sassari. The Serbian international came from Buducnost T-mobile.

On the other hand, Bratislava and Brühl will focus on their domestic players and try to surprise the favourites for the first two places.

The first ranked team of this tournament will play in Group 2 of the Qualification Tournament 2. Byasen, Volgograd and Metz are already waiting.

The second ranked team will go to Group 3 of Qualification Tournament 2. Ikast, Brasov and Lublin will play here for the only spot leading to the CL.

14:30 Bratislava vs. Sassari
17:00 Milli Piyango vs. Brühl

14:30 Brühl vs. Bratislava
17:00 Sassari vs. Milli Piyango

14:30 Sassari vs Brühl
17:00 Bratislava vs. Milli Piyango

TEXT: Ivan Ambros