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The Austrian champions have beaten other CL teams, such as Brasov, Kometal and Zvenigorod.

Hypo the best in Bad Urach

Hypo Niederösterreich won Sika Cup tournament. Manager Gunnar Prokop can be satisfied with his team’s accomplishment, especially with Seong-Ok Oh who was elected best player.

Hypo prepare to celebrate more this seasonThe 48th international handball tournament was held in Bad Urach. In the finals, the CL runner-up defeated Rulmentul Brasov by 21:12 (13:8) and claimed the trophy.

Norwegian Byasen ended in third position after defeating Spanish Bera Bera by 27:18 (14:5).

Group A duel

The tournament saw a match between two teams from CL Group A, Kometal and Zvezda Zvenigorod. They did not play well and finished on the last two positions of the ranking.

The match of the two teams ended with the victory of the FYR Macedonian champions. Surprisingly, Kometal defeated CL winner Zvezda Zvenigorod by 15:13. It also has to be said that the Russian team played with substitute players mainly.