Bosna Lido osiguranje – Champions againArticle
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The Bosnian top club will return the the CL next season.

Bosna Lido osiguranje – Champions again

Bosna Lido osiguranje are the new champions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Despite a great deal of injury problems, the team of Gregor Cvijic managed to conquer the fourth domestic title in club’s history.

Bosna will return to the CLBosna Lido osiguranje secured the title two rounds before the end of the Bosnian Championship when Gorazde were defeated by 34:28. This means that one more CL participant is now known.

Without four important players, the home team were not even a bit discouraged. The best players were Grahovac with 20 saves and Toromanovic with 8 goals at the decisive match.

Next season without Toromanovic

The excellent performances of line player Muhamed Toromanovic were not unnoticed.

Unfortunately for the Bosnians, the 24 year old player signed for Kif Kolding.

The fans are happy for Toromanovic and they wish him good luck in his new team. They are all aware that the most important thing is that Bosna won both domestic titles this year - Bosnian Championship and Bosnian Cup.

This is their second double success in the club’s history, which is reason to be optimistic about the next season.

TEXT: Ivan Ambros