Chekhov and Togliatti: the handball capitals of RussiaArticle
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Seven out of seven are Chehovskie Medvedi players in the Russian all-star team.

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Chekhov and Togliatti: handball capitals of Russia

Chehovskie Medvedi won their 7th consecutive title in the Russian Championship. As the season ended, the best players were nominated too. 

Coach Maximov can be satisfied with his teamThe top scorer of the Russian league was Andrey Ivasenko from KAI Zilant Kazan this season.

The all-star team was picked as follows:

Goalkeeper – Oleg Grams (Medvedi)
Left wing – Timur Dibirov (Medvedi)
Left back – Aleksey Kamanin (Medvedi)
Playmaker – Vitaliy Ivanov (Medvedi)
Pivot – Mihail Chipurin (Medvedi)
Right back – Konstantin Igropulo (Medvedi)
Right wing - Dmitry Kovalev (Medvedi) 

Gumyanov vs Trefilov 1:1

Last year Evgeniy Trefilov won the Russian Championship with Zvezda Zvenigorod for the first time in club’s history. Alexey Gumyanov, who took Lada over from Trefilov two years ago, could celebrate this year. Gumyanov took some revenge for the silver medal from last year and Lada Togliatti won their 6th Russian Championship trophy

TEXT: Ivan Ambros