Ciudad Real ’s Mayor: Festival in the cityArticle
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Rosa Romero, the Mayor of Ciudad Real, is proud: the handballers are the ambassadors of the city.

Ciudad Real ’s Mayor: Festival in the city

The players are the ambassadors of the cityThe Mayor of Ciudad Real, Rosa Romero, is number one fan of the handball team of this city. Actually, Ciudad are the best ambassadors of the little Spanish city better known for Don Quijote, protagonist of the classic Cervantes book.

Though Rosa Romero was not there in Kiel, she was very happy about the victory:

“I was suffered during the game, but enjoyed the final. I kept in touch with the arena during the game and the entire city went out to the streets at the end of the game. The city saw a festival.”

The victories of the team give the city of Ciudad Real fame in Europe.

“Our handball team is our best ambassador. We are really proud of this club and the players. The streets are decorated with the team and with the Champions League final. Everybody talks about handball in the city”.

According to the plans of the club, a party will be held in Ciudad Real on Friday with the team, fans and the entire city.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi