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Top scorer of THW Kiel is proud to play together with Lövgren, Karabatic and the others. Ahlm prepares for his first final, but second trophy.

Ahlm: "defending will decide"

Eurohandball.com talks to the top scorer of THW Kiel, Markus Ahlm. The Swedish line player has become one of the most important members of the team with a great sense to score goals and also with great defending skills. He is close to ending the season as top scorer.

The Swedish scored 86 goals this seasonAhlm, who should score 10 goals to win the CL top scorer list, does not even know about this...

Eurohandball.com: Markus, did you know that you are the closest from your team to leading CL goal scorer, Kirill Lazarov?

Markus Ahlm: Really? I didn’t check the list... To be honest, this title is not the most important for me. What is important is to reach successes with the team.

Eurohandball.com: How important are Anderson, Lövgren and Karabatic in your many goals scored throughout the season?

Markus Ahlm: It is easy with players like them... The defence of the opponents needs to open up and there is a lot of space for the pivot behind them. It is an honour to play together with such tutors.

Eurohandball.com: Last year you had to miss the final. What does it mean for you now?

Ahlm is not only top scorer, also a tough defenderMarkus Ahlm: It is extra motivation. I was injured in the semi-final and it was not nice to watch the final from the tribune. But now I’m 100% fit.

Eurohandball.com: How do you prepare these days?

Markus Ahlm: We have more tactical practice now – team and individual tactics –, watch videos as any other team and we also keep our physical condition on a good level.

I hope that it is still possible for us to improve, there can be no end to this kind of work…

Eurohandball.com: Which team can with the game and the title?

Markus Ahlm: I think that the one that will have a better defence. But this has always been like this in the Champions League.

Eurohandball.com: Ciudad Real have Sterbik in the goal...

Markus Ahlm: He is an excellent goalkeeper and also the team has a good idea about defending.

Accordingly, I expect good goalkeeping and defending on both sides, another tough game, a lot of physical contact and not so many goals once again.

TEXT: Eurohandball.com