“We only have one hand at the trophy”Article
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THW manager, Uwe Schwenker, says: “We have good perspectives, but the result is dangerous”.

“We only have one hand at the trophy”

In an interview published on the official website of the German Bundesliga (www.toyota-handball-bundesliga.de), Schwenker talks about the second leg of the final.

Q: After beating Ciudad Real away, your team are clear favourites to win the Champions League again. What do you think about it?

Kiel have to win again for the trophy - even if that match will be at homeSchwenker: I’m a little optimistic. We have great perspectives, but have to be highly concentrated. The victory in Ciudad Real can also be dangerous. The expectations are high and our players believe that they already have one hand at the trophy. Ciudad are a world class team that also have the chance to beat us on home court.

Q: What would the title mean for your club?

Schwenker: This title would be more valuable than that from last season. In 2007 we could play without pressure as we had a long list of injuries. This season we were the favourites. A second title would be a great success for all who had worked hard for it and it would also be a great accomplishment for our club.

Q: Apart from THW, two other German clubs have also reached the European Cup finals, HSG Nordhorn and Rhein Neckar Löwen. How important would it be if the others would also win the titles?

Schwenker: I hope that all three teams win again just as it happened last season. This would be a great success for German club handball. It’s already a great thing that three German teams have reached the finals.

TEXT: www.toyota-handball-bundesliga.de