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While the players believe in victory, the club launched a campaign with the slogan: "Together we can dream".

Metlicic and Morros did not surrender

Ciudad Real players have been working hard during the whole week. Their objective is to make a miracle in Kiel and as a first step they tried to create optimistic atmosphere for the fans.

Metlicic has to recover until the gamePeter Metlicic and Viran Morros sent a positive message about the return game in the Sparkasse Arena.

Croatian international Metlicic still has a wrist injury, but he believes that Dujshebaev can count on him on Sunday:

“My wrist is not perfect after it was hit during the first game, but I’m hopeful to recover and be ready for the game”.

The experienced player believed that the final is not yet lost for Ciudad Real:

“Nothing is impossible. The team have a strong character and we will try to win the title”.

 The young Spanish defender, Viran Morros, acknowledges that Kiel are hard nuts, but he has confidence in the team.

“They are a great team, but not unbeatable. We will fight until the end. We have a good mentality and Dujshebaev motivates us a very well.”

“Together we can dream”

"Together we can dream"In addition to the positive messages of the players, the club of Ciudad Real launched a campaign to motivate the supporters.

With the slogan “Together we can dream” Ciudad invites the fans to keep the faith.

Luis Miguel Lopez, general manager of Ciudad Real, presented this campaign and reminded people that there is still a game to play.

“This will be decided in 120 minutes and we have only played 60. We lost the first half by two goals but can still win the final.”

Lopez believes that the difference between the teams is small:

“Two goals are not a significant difference. We know that it will be very difficult for us. They know that they are favourites and they will have 10,000 fans to help them. But we know that we have good qualities”.

One hundred Spanish fans will be in Kiel to support Ciudad Real.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi