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The Ciudad Real star suffered a shoulder injury in Spain. He tells us more about his chances to play and also about the chances of his team.

Rutenka: “I still hope to play” talks to the top scorers of the two teams in the Final. Ciudad Real’s Siarhei Rutenka was one of the best players of his team at the first game, still he cannot be satisfied at the moment.

The goals of Rutenka would be important in KielThe shoulder of Rutenka was injured in a decisive phase of the game and from that point on Kiel won to take a two-goal advantage before the return game.

The return of Rutenka, however, is still unsure. He tells us more about it.

Siarhei Rutenka: I thought it would be easier, but now this problem seems to be more complicated. A bone has been dislocated in my shoulder and I still feel great pain. Yesterday we tried an injection, but it didn’t help either. I still hope to play, but in fact I should take a rest now… I guess you are disappointed…

Siarhei Rutenka: I’m not happy for sure, but this is sports. I must trust my team that they can make it alone and I think that it is possible to win the Final. Are you going to be there in Kiel anyway?

Siarhei Rutenka: It’s 90% now that I will travel with the team and then we will see. You say that there is still a chance for your team. Why do you think?

Siarhei Rutenka: The first match was not one-sided and even if we would have won at home by one or two goals, it wouldn’t have changed much. We should go to win in Kiel anyway, which is not going to be easy at all, but we have a chance. Where do you have to improve for this?

Rutenka trusts the teamSiarhei Rutenka: It is of course possible to do things better in Kiel. The Germans always score many goals, but this time they could not. Our defence was secure, but we had only few fast breaks. We have to improve in attack. Do you still have reserves?

Siarhei Rutenka: The team won four titles this year, of course everyone is tired. It’s also true that all the players also have smaller injuries, but I wouldn’t like to complain. This can be said about any other team at this stage. We have to give 100%! There will be over 10,000 fans in the hall. Does it affect you?

Siarhei Rutenka: I personally prefer to play in front of more people. It gives you a special feeling, more adrenalin, so I expect a good, spectacular match, a good final.