Experts' Column: Pastor and Brand on the final – part 2Article
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The highlight of the Men’s Champions League season is coming up with the clash of the winners of the last two CL editions, the Spanish and the German champions.

Experts' Column: Pastor and Brand on the final – part 2

THW won the first leg by 29-27 in Ciudad Real. talks to the coaches of the Spanish and German national teams, Juan Carlos Pastor and Heiner Brand, to know what they expect from the second leg coming up on Sunday evening.

 Spanish coach Pastor is still confident
 Brand was confirmed in this beliefs after the first leg Kiel won the first game by two goals. What was your opinion about that match?

Juan Carlos Pastor: It was a very intense game without many fast breaks. It was decided in the second half, thanks to the goals of Karabatic. Apart from the French, Sterbik was also very good in the Ciudad Real goal and he made many saves.

Heiner Brand: I also think that the decisive factor was Karabatic. The French player was very important because he was always able to score exactly the time when the referees signalled passive play.

However, the victory of Kiel did not surprise me. I said before that I believe Kiel are the better team. Last Sunday Ciudad had the chance at one point to take a three-goal lead, but they failed to and Kiel won. What was the biggest difference between the teams?

Juan Carlos Pastor: There were not too many differences. On the one side there could be a bigger number of players and in the other team one more changes in between attack and defence

Heiner Brand: Defence was a great problem for Ciudad Real. They left too much space for Karabatic. Davis and Kallman seemed to be too offensive in their roles.

In addition, the playmaker position of Kiel was stronger with Löwgren. Do you think Ciudad Real will be able to improve for the second match?

Juan Carlos Pastor: Yes, but in order to do so, they will have to adjust their defence to the movements of Kiel.

Heiner Brand: Yes, Ciudad Real can improve for the return game, but still I don’t believe they can come back and win the Final. What does it mean for Ciudad and THW Kiel to play the second leg in front of 12.000 fans?

Juan Carlos Pastor: They will play with great motivation, although it is not unusual for them as they have already played in front of 18.000 fans in the Kölnarena.

Heiner Brand: They got used to playing in front of so many supporters; nevertheless, it always means a big advantage for Kiel. What do you expect from the second leg?

Juan Carlos Pastor: The final is still not yet decided. Ciudad Real may be able to win in Kiel and take the trophy...

Heiner Brand: It is difficult to say what kind of match it will be on Sunday. I guess there will be many goals with a powerful Kiel on home court. Ciudad Real will have to make many changes between defence and attack and this may be costly for them.