Self-criticism of DujshebaevArticle
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The Ciudad Real coach is not looking for excuses and Stefansson also knows that they have to improve.

Self-criticism of Dujshebaev

The first leg of the CL Final ended with a Kiel victory. The result is a disappointment for the Spanish, but they are absolutely not looking for excuses.

Stefansson and Dujshebaev at the press conferenceTalant Dujshebaev was critical with his own decisions after the game. The Spanish coach acknowledged that he also made mistakes:

“I have mistaken the tactical scheme and also the mental preparation of the team. I have not said the last word in this story. We were not playing at the same level as we did at the last games. We failed to score from easy shots when we were down in the score”.

Ciudad Real right back, Icelandic international Olafur Stefansson, sounded more optimistic after the game:

“My message for our fans is only one thing: keep the faith. We worked well, but it is also evident that we must improve. We are not happy with the result, but we have to think about our mistakes and prepare for the next game in Kiel”.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi