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THW coach knows that Ciudad can play much better and believes that Kiel were lucky with this bad Spanish form.

Serdarusic: Early to celebrate

The first game in Ciudad Real ended with a somewhat surprising away victory as THW Kiel won by 27:29. Though this result may be decisive at the end, THW coach, Noka Serdarusic knows well that it would be early to lay back. After the game the coach commented as follows:

“I’m satisfied that we won here. We could have taken a bigger lead already before halftime only if Sterbik wouldn’t have saved 7-m shots or clear scoring opportunities. Our goalkeepers did not save balls in the first half.

“We played a disciplined game after the break and we defended well. We were also a bit lucky this evening, but Ciudad Real did not play as well as I have seen them earlier. It would be early to celebrate as I know how strong Ciudad can be.

“In case next weekend would turn out the opposite way, that is we have a bad day and Ciudad play in form, than the whole thing would look completely different.”