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Magnus Wislander and Mirza Dzomba tell what they expect from the finals.

Former stars about the Final

Just before the Final, possibly the best clash in European club handball, two former stars talk to on behalf of their teams: Swedish legend Magnus Wislander (played for THW Kiel between 1990 and 2002) and Croatian star Mirza Dzomba (in Ciudad Real 2004-07).

 The Swedish legend has been voted World Player of the Century
 Dzomba celebrating the CL title won with Ciudad Real How are you both, first of all?

Magnus Wislander: I work as a coach in Sweden for the team where I started and ended my career, Redberglids IK. We have a team of good and young players and it is a great fun. It has been a good season, but unfortunately we lost in the quarterfinals against the team of the Swedish star Oscar Carlén, Ystads IF.

Mirza Dzomba: I had a small operation on my knee, but I will already play on Tuesday and we will soon start preparations with the Croatian national team for the upcoming Olympic challenges. Do you keep an eye on your former team?

Magnus Wislander: Yes, I watch them whenever I have a chance. I watch Kiel on TV or visit their matches.

Mirza Dzomba: Of course, this is my club and I keep in touch with many of the players, Hombrados, Sterbik, Metlicic, Rutenka... I talked to some of them recently; they are in good form after winning the Spanish League. Are you going to visit the final?

Magnus Wislander: I will watch the first game at home from my sofa, but I will watch the second leg live in Kiel.

Mirza Dzomba: I received an invitation from Ciudad Real for the first game, but unfortunately I cannot go. I will have a game on Tuesday, so it’s not the best time to travel. But I will be there with my heart. What do you think about your team and their chances?

Magnus Wislander: The two best teams in the world will meet, so it is important that the second game will be played at home.

Karabatic, who is probably the best player in the world, Omeyer and Kavticnik can be decisive, but my prediction is that Ciudad will win the first game maybe by five or six goals. At the second leg I hope that Kiel will win by, let’s say, eight goals and take the trophy.

In fact, Kiel have the same class as last year, but this has been a very difficult season with lots of games. However, they are a wonderful team and they always win whenever they really have to, even when they are tired.

Mirza Dzomba: I believe that Ciudad Real have a better chance. I used to think that it was better to play the second game at home, but now I think that if they will be able to win the first match at home by five goals or more, they will win the title.

It will be difficult, though, as Kiel are a quick team that play very good handball. If we can stop them and not allow them to run, Ciudad will have a good chance.