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Ciudad won the Asobal title with a 29-24 victory over Barcelona, which is their fourth title of the season.

Ciudad win Spanish League

Ciudad Real have won the Asobal League after a 29-24 victory against Barcelona on Wednesday in the Quijote Arena. It was the fourth title of for this season for the Spanish club. Now they have only one target: winning the Champions League final.

Ciudad fans celebrated the fourth title of the seasonOnly the “Dream Team” of Valero Ribera in Barcelona had a similarly successful season in 2000 when they won four trophies in Spain. Ciudad are looking forward to follow the footsteps of that legendary team and crown a perfect year with the Champions League title.

The second title Asobal League consecutive was not easy for Ciudad. Barcelona put up a very strong resistance and only in the final moments could Ciudad Real take some advantage. The Catalonians were already leading by five goals against Ciudad in the first half, but once again a great Sterbik was decisive.

The Serbian-born goalkeeper had an almost perfect match. Árpád Sterbik saved over 50% of all shots, while Didier Dinart made a great defensive job. Ciudad stopped the Barcelona attack and made some fast breaks. The goals of Urios Fonseca, Davis or Entrerrios in the final minutes gave the victory to Ciudad.

The fans of the Spanish club celebrated a valuable victory and a Spanish title at the end.

However, the Dujshebaev team did not celebrate this triumph as one would expect. They must focus on the next objective now: the first leg of the Champions League final is coming up on Sunday in the Quijote Arena at 19:00hrs. The show must go on…

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi