Did you know? Facts and figures from the 2007/08 Men's CLArticle
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As the finals are coming up, Eurohandball.com prepared a special summary of the season for you.

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Facts and figures from the 2007/08 EHF Men's Champions League


Did you know?

• 148 matches were played so far in this season’s EHF Men’s Champions League

• 495 050 Spectators have watched EHF Champions League handball this season

• 8736 goals have been scored so far

• There have been 828 warnings, 1,267 2-minute suspensions, 48 red cards, 11 direct red cards, 5 2-minute suspensions to coaches this season, 28 yellow cards, no disqualification of a coach

• 1,600 metres of EHF Champions League branding has been produced for the arenas, 300 roll-ups, 162m²backdrops

• Approximately 250 kms of cable has been laid for the TV production this season

• 10 km of cable will be laid for the TV production of the Champions League Final 2nd leg match in Kiel

• 12 cameras will produce the TV pictures in Kiel

• 41 Champions League Floor Systems were used in 150 matches. A total of 1088 rolls flooring, 31,648m² metres of floor and 3750 rolls of tape

• THW Kiel and BM Ciudad Real have never met each other in the EHF Champions League before

• BM Ciudad Real have won the title once (2005/2006), as have THW Kiel (2006/2007)

• To reach the finals, both finalists have travelled a total 27 659 kilometres

• The Champions League Trophy weighs 20 kgs

• 22 matches were broadcast live at ehfCL.com

• Over 500 articles on the EHF Men’s Champions League were published on ehfCL.com

TEXT: Eurohandball.com