Ciudad one step from the titleArticle
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Ciudad try to decide the Asobal League. They have beaten Portland before the Barcelona derby.

Ciudad one step from the title


The Spanish champions won in Pamplona against Portland by 27:29 just before the Barcelona game in the Quijote Arena on Wednesday. These two matches could pass a decision on the Spanish league.

Talant Djusebaiev could not count on Urios Fonseca, Chema Rodriguez and Zorman, still his team defeated Portland in a difficult game match. Portland are currently fourth on the Spanish League table, which would not qualify them for next season in the Champions League.

Ciudad will win the Spanish title if they win against Barcelona on Wednesday.

Roberto Garcia Parrondo scored 6 goals, while Kallmann, Steffansson and Masachs helped him a lot in attack. Portland were in the lead for 40 minutes, but Ciudad Real took the control of the game in the last minutes and got the victory.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi