Đokić to say goodbye with a triple victoryArticle
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The line player of Győr will leave at the end of the season, but she wants to go with the CL Trophy...

Đokić to say goodbye with a triple victory

The Serbian national player of Győri Audi ETO, Ana Đokić, will leave the squad at the end of the season. Đokić expects a much harder game at the CL second leg against Zvezda Zvenigord – she told Eurohandball.com.

Dokic knows that speed is more important than weightEurohandball.com: What does a player feel before a CL semi-final second leg?

Ana Đokić: There are no major changes, we prepare as we did before. Apart from Anita Görbicz all the players are fit. Though Katalin Pálinger was ill with fever on Thursday, I think she would also be okay for the game. We play for Anita too that she could still return to the team in the Champions League.

Eurohandball.com: Away to Zvezda you played well even without Görbicz...

Đokić: It may not have been so obvious, but we missed Anita there too. We will miss her even more in the return game as the Russians will take us seriously this time. This is their last chance, they will come and attack.

Eurohandball.com: Was it a surprise for you the way this famous Russian side played?

Đokić: Yes, I expected much more from them and I still expect a more difficult game in Győr. We will see a completely different Zvezda this time than a week ago.

It is a big thing to qualify for the CL Final and the Russians will also give everything to reach it. We played well in Chekhov, we had a good cooperation on the court and we all performed well. We need to repeat it now.

Eurohandball.com: How could you compete with the physically stronger Russian players?

Đokić: We knew that we only had a chance if we could force our style on them. We would not have had a chance in a physical fight. For me it is all the same. I gladly play between bigger players because I know that not the weight, but the speed matters.

Eurohandball.com: You will leave Győr at the end of the season. I guess it would mean a lot to you to say goodbye with a trophy…

Đokić: It has no influence on me; I already wanted to win the CL early in the season. All the change I can feel now is that all the fans give us a lot of support, which is great. The best would be to leave with three gold medals. I asked the girls to help me in this and to celebrate all three together.

One of the big favourites will leave Győr

TEXT: handball.hu (Ildikó Balogh)