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The Hungarians led by Bradeanu and Pálinger defeat Zvezda in Russia in the first leg of the women's semi-final.

Győr dominate first leg

Győri Audi ETO are knocking on the door of the final once again after last season. The Hungarians did well in the first game of the semi-final against Zvezda and took a big step towards the finals.

Zvezda were unable to break through the Hungarian defenceBradeanu started the match with a goal from the 7-m line and one from action. This gave Győr an early lead and the home supporters had to wait more than six minutes for the first Russian goal. This was surprising and the outstanding performance of Pálinger was needed for the good Hungarian start.

Bradeanu was the leader in attack, scoring from every possible situation and the hosts were trying hard to catch up.

The young Kovacsics came on to take the middle back position of Győr in the 20th minute, but the goal of Vetkova in the 24th minute got the hosts back to minus one goal with a chance to equalise.

This time it was Pálinger who stopped the Russians, but at 10-9 Boklashchuk levelled the score for the first time. The half time ended with a 11-10 score, which was somewhat positive for the hosts.

The teams did not score more goals after the break either and it was Vérten to level three minutes into the second half.

Tomori also added to the game at this phase, while it was Shipilova on the other side to score three goals in a row.

Mravíková took back the lead in the 40th minute (15-16) and it was just ten minutes to the end when Vérten and Mravíková made it 20-23.

Such a lead was mostly due to the good defence of Győr, but Zvezda came back once again to 22-23. In the final minutes of the game the Hungarians dominated and won the first leg by 23-25. Decision in Győr on Sunday...

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