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The CEO of EHF CL's partner company, Thomas Daubek, talks about his first-hand experience from sponsoring the competition.

» »2007-08 Men's CL
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Interwetten: passionate support for the CL talks to Thomas Daubek, CEO of EHF Champions League partner company, Interwetten. The executive talks about handball and the EHF Champions League with great passion. You have been to the Kiel vs Barcelona semi-final game. What was your first hand impression on the game and match environment?

Barcelona and Kiel created a perfect environmentThomas Daubek: It was fantastic. The whole setting for the game was so professional: the presentation of the players, the advertisements, the many TV cameras and also the ambition of the people in the hall. For someone coming to Kiel from Austria, like me, it was a different planet; this is the Mecca of handball. And what about the fans? Many said that it was the best atmosphere ever in Kiel…

Thomas Daubek: The fans were extremely fair sportsmen. The two Barcelona players who had played for Kiel were celebrated by them. In fact, Xepkin received a standing ovation.

It is also important for our company that we cooperate with a fair environment where the sports result is the most important and there are no fights around it. It is good to see that the fans have respect for the other team. You have seen an exciting game in Kiel, probably also exciting for those betting on it.

Thomas Daubek: It’s a men’s world: a fair, fast, technically very high level game, maybe the best match I have ever seen. I’m happy that I had a chance to watch it.

When the atmosphere gets through on TV to the people watching from their homes, they are ready to place their bets on it. This is an important circle: when the sports are high quality, there are many people betting on it. When many bet on it, there will be a financial basis to reinvest into it from our side, which we are willing to do. So what do you hope in the finals of the Champions League?

Thomas Daubek: It is important that both matches are close with both teams having their chances to win and the victory may be decided only at the very end. That’s what I hope for.