Cadenas: “Congratulations to Kiel and to our fans”Article
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Barcelona coach was impressed by Kiel, but he was also satisfied with the mentality of his own team.

Cadenas: “Congratulations to Kiel and to our fans”

Manuel Cadenas was not happy with the result of the semi-finals, but he was satisfied with the attitude of his players and the fans of Palau Blau Grana.

Barca could not stop KarabaticThe Barcelona coach talked to the media after the game:

“First of all, I want to congratulate Kiel. It is difficult to find a team in handball that play so well. Their team play is very intensive with a high rhythm and quality. They play a very good collective handball”.

Barcelona are out of the competition, but Cadenas was satisfied with the performance of his team:

“The team has done a good job and they have shown responsible attitude. We went to Kiel to win and we played in the same spirit in Palau. The team have shown that they are winners and it is positive for me. We have done good things, but we could not take the final victory”.

The Magic of Palau was not enough, but Cadenas praised the fans:

“I want to congratulate our fans. They gave an enormous support. They believed in the victory, they believed in us. The team felt this support and I hope that we will live more spectacular games like this”.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi