Barcelona close but Kiel in the finalArticle
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The Catalonians won 44-37, but it was not enough: Kiel can go on to defend their title from last year.

Barcelona close but Kiel in the final

Barcelona were really close to make a miracle. The big surprise was near in the Palau Blau Grana, but THW Kiel proved their strength and did not allow the Catalonian fans to celebrate.

Serdarusic took his team to the final once againThe semi-final second leg brought a spectacular game with a lot of goals (44-37) and both creating a real handball show for the fans.

As it was already known before the match, Ciudad Real was waiting for the winner in the final of the Champions League.

Barcelona tried everything and made an incredible finish, but it was not enough. Kiel controlled the game for 45 minutes and Barça could only take a one-goal lead up to that point. However, the magic of Palau showed itself by the end of the game.

Cadenas did not have much time to wait and he tried something unexpected in defence. Juanin, Rocas, Ugalde and Tomas defended in an open formation and the Germans were embarrassed.

Iker Romero and Demetrio Lozano scored goals to give the fans their hope back. However, it was not possible for Barcelona any more.

Two suspensions of Lozano and Nagy broke the rhythm of the Catalonian play and Philip Jicha scored on the other side to give Kiel control over the game.

Barcelona, with their impulsive endgame scored 44 goals, which is highly unusual for a top level Champions League game. Barcelona were not far from the desired 10-goals, but the Serdarusic team could get away with a seven-goal defeat, which was a victory for them.

Kiel will have the chance to defend their title won last year against Ciudad Real, the winners of 2006.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi