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Victor Tomas felt that Kiel could have played with closed eyes last weekend. Nevertheless, the player and also Enric Masip still believe to have a chance.

Barca still believe

Barcelona are really worried about the result of last Sunday in Kiel. However, some players are more worried about the image of their team at that match.

Tomas shows optimism before the second legTHW Kiel were really superior to Barcelona and the players practically suffered during the game.

“We felt that they could play with closed eyes,” said Victor Tomas to the Catalonian press. Tomas was disappointed that the image of the two teams was very different: Kiel emerged as real candidates to win the CL title, while Barcelona struggled to keep pace with Kiel’s handball.

“I do not think that the difference between Kiel and Barcelona was ten goals. They played a perfect game,” said Victor Tomas trying to sound optimistic about it. Barcelona’s international winger dreams about a great surprise:

“The things that happened in Kiel could be repeated in the Palau. I’m sure that we need our fan: without them it will be impossible. The Palau Blau Grana is very important for us. I’m convinced that we will have a chance to reach the final”.

THW Kiel know perfectly the “Magic of Palau”. Barcelona have beaten the German club in the past in historic games.

Enric Masip remembers those successes: “It is difficult but it is not impossible. We need confidence, a shared confidence to win. I’m sure that we will have a good chance,” says Masip who was on court in those magical games for Barcelona and now he is managing this club.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi