Ciudad win, decision in HamburgArticle
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The 34-27 Spanish victory is a big step, but HSV will have a chance at home to reach the final.

Ciudad win, decision in Hamburg

Ciudad Real won by 34-27 against Hamburg in the Quijote Arena. The teams must wait next weekend to know who would proceed to the final as seven goals are a good difference for the Spanish side, but nothing can be taken for granted yet. The German team will have to play a very good game at home to level the score.

Despite the picture, the Ciudad defence worked well against HensCiudad coach, Talent Dujshebaev, had the weapons that everybody knows: goalkeeper Sterbik, a strong defence, a good command in attack by Zorman and Urios back on court again. The return of the Spanish pivot was very advantageous for his team.

Hamburg did not have a good response to the performance of the Spanish champions. Initially, those were Yoon and Hens who gave hope for Hamburg, but the Ciudad Real defence stopped them very effectively.

In attack it was up to Stefansson and Rutenka to lead Ciudad. They scored 18 goals together with the assists of Uros Zorman who gave the rhythm to the team. The Slovenian international player also gave handball lessons, especially in the first minutes of the game.

Ciudad deserved to celebreate, but the second leg will be openCombinations from Hens and Grimm tried to create some trouble for the Spanish, but Ciudad Real showed the best their best defence at the beginning of the second half.

Dinart was the leader of the wall with Morros, Pajovic, Davis and Kallmann next to the French international. The Ciudad players formed a wall around Sterbik and Hamburg were not able to break it through. Ciudad ended the first half with a four-goal lead that increased during the second half.

The last minutes of the first leg saw Stenfansson and Rutenka playing in good form and the Germans were close to suffer a KO defeat, but they were able to react with Lindberg taking the responsibility instead of Yoon and Hens. The Hamburg winger helped to get away with a smaller defeat that could still leave some hope for reaching the final.

The match ended 34-27 for Ciudad, which means that the Schwalb team will have a chance.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi