Women’s EHF Cup: Volgograd can prove againArticle
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The talented Russian team will meet one of the biggest favourites.

Women’s EHF Cup: Volgograd can prove again

Though both pairings have their favourites, no team can go for sure in the EHF Cup semi-finals.

Dunaferr vs Itxako

Volgograd were doing well in the CL last yearThe Hungarian side are preparing for a cup success after 1999 when they won the Champions League. On their way they have beaten a strong team, the Norwegian Byasen in the quarterfinals with Mörtel and Ferling scoring the majority of the Dunaferr goals. The Hungarians said that the draw was favourable as they will have to play against a Spanish side. Itxako knocked Metz out with two draws. After finishing 28-28 in France, the teams ended 20-20 in Spain. Not too many goals, which suggests that the Spanish know how to defend…

Ikast vs Volgograd

The Danish team have always been taken in consideration among the favourites for the trophy with international stars in their squad. Nevertheless, the team of Hammerseng, Nyberg and Blanco had difficulties against Prestigio and their only one-goal home victory endangered their European season. However, the victory in Spain must give their confidence back for the game against Volgograd. The Russians will not be easy for sure. Kochetova and Levina are leading the team. The two young talents have shown their abilities in last year’s CL and now they can prove once again.

TEXT: Eurohandball.com