Men’s CWC: löwen made itArticle
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The Löwen vs Valladolid game would be good enough for a final. However, the same can be said about Schaffhausen vs Veszprém...

Men’s CWC: löwen made it

Only the finest teams have come to the semi-finals of the Cup Winners’ Cup and both matches seem to be open.

Löwen vs Valladolid

Schaffhausen will need team spirit to beat Veszprém...The German derby brought two close matches in the semi-final, but at the end Löwen won both of them. The Mannheim-based team have stated that their goal is nothing less than winning the cup this year. With new players in the team (Bielecki, Tkaczik), Löwen are playing in good form in the Bundesliga as well. Though all teams are difficult at this stage, the Germans can hardly be happy about playing the second game in Valladolid, where former CL-team Astrakhan had no chance. The pairing promises good matches.

Schaffhausen vs Veszprém

The Swiss side have shown many times this year that they must be taken seriously. They started in the Champions League Group Phase where Schaffhausen were close to qualify for the Main Round. Now they have beaten another CL-team, Zaporozhye. Veszprém will be more difficult than that; especially with the Hungarians playing the second match at home. Veszprém are in good form in their domestic championship (recent draw in Szeged) and in the European Cup as well (comfortable qualification against Kolding). Their young players, such as Cozma, are making huge progress.