Laluska: a defeat, a knock on the head and 2.000 kms by carArticle
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Leon coach and physio showed remarkable team spirit by driving the injured player back to Leon from Kiel.

Laluska: a defeat, a knock on the head and 2.000 kms by car

Last Thursday was not a good day for Ademar Leon’s Balázs Laluska. The Hungarian right back could not finish the last Main Round game of his team in Kiel after he was hit on his head by Kim Andersson just five minutes after the start.

2195 kms: the road marked on a map by Leon lost the match at the end, failed to qualify for the semi-finals and Laluska had to be taken to hospital with a concussion. Luckily, the player did not have serious problems, but he could not leave Germany that night. In fact, the doctors did not allow him to take the plane and Laluska had to travel back to Spain by car.

Ademar’s physiotherapist, Emilio Martin, and coach Jordi Ribera did not leave the players alone in Germany. While the team flew back to Spain, they waited for him. The three of them took a car and drove exactly 2.195 kilometres from the North German city of Kiel to Leon. Ribera and Martin were the drivers in this special taxi of Laluska…

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi