Ciudad Real take semi-final placeArticle
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The Spanish champions have beaten Gummersbach by 25-23 and this gives them a place among the best four teams.

Ciudad Real take semi-final place

Ciudad Real will be there in the semi-finals of the Champions League. The Spanish team confirmed it with a narrow victory against Gummersbach. The Germans had a difficult task in Ciudad Real, but they fought until the end for a place in the semi-finals.

The qualification was decided in a big battleCiudad were the favourites and they will be among the four best teams of Europe. However, there were doubts for the team of Talent Dushebaev at the beginning of the game.

The German defence was strong and Ciudad scored the first goal after five minutes. The hosts were not able to easily prevail and the first half was marked by the good performance of Gummersbach players, such as Illic, Gunarsson and Sigurdsson.

Sterbik proved to be key player for Ciudad once again. He changed the game after halftime. The Serbian-born goalkeeper and the 5-1 Spanish defence helped Ciudad to improve and they closed the gap early in the second half. The Talant team were leading in the 40th minute. A Masachs goal turned the result and the Spanish side could keepthe game under control from that moment on.

Gummersbach were tired towards the end, which was enough for the hosts to keep the advantage. Stefansson and Rutenka were the leaders of the Ciudad offensive game with 8 and 6 goals scored.

Ciudad Real closed the Main Round with the mission accomplished: they will be waiting for the semi-final draw on Tuesday.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi