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A 32:26 Hypo victory against Zvezda ends the Main Round for the two semi-finalists.

Hypo still unbeaten

Hypo made it 12 out of 12, and after the last game in the Main Round, the Austrian champions are the only team in Europe to remain unbeaten this season. On match day 6, the Russian Zvezda Zvenigorod were beaten 32:26 in Südstadt.

Hypo were in the lead all the wayBefore the game it was clear that Hypo had already won the group and Zvenigorod would also go to the semi-finals on second place. Nevertheless, both teams played a fast and spectacular handball, which developed into a very intensive game.

The team of Evgeni Trefilov started quite well and Zvezda took an early lead after seven minutes (4:3). But it was the last time they were one goal up for the rest of the game.

After 15 minutes Hypo started to dominate the game and they were very strong in defence. Their goalkeeper, Sabine Englert, made important saves at the right time.

Zvezda were only able to come close once (at 21:20 in the 39th minute), but Hypo won at the end by 32:26.

"It is great to beat Zvezda not just once, but twice," said manager Gunnar Prokop after the game. "I’m very proud of my team,” he added.

TEXT: Eurohandball.com