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The Spanish side will travel to Kiel full of confidence after winning a derby in the Asobal League.

Ademar beat Barcelona

Ademar have a very difficult week. Last weekend they had to win away against Chehovskie. On Monday they played in Leon against Barcelona, which was an Asobal League game. On Thursday they will fight for the CL semi-finals in Kiel.

Laluska was a key player against BarcelonaIt is a really hard week, but the Ribera team are facing these matches with confidence. Ademar have beaten the Russians in the CL and they were successful against Barcelona too. Leon won by 25-24 against the Catalonian side that lost their advantage in the title race.

Ademar were very tired before the game on Monday after their journey in Russiam but the Ribera-team were very motivated. A good Ademar defence and an effective goalkeeping performance by Marko Alilovic blocked the Barcelona attacks.

Only Iker Romero and László Nagy were able to score. Another Hungarian player, Balázs Laluska, was the Leon star. He scored seven goals to secure the home victory.

It was a very special game for Manuel Cadenas. Barcelona coach, who returned to Leon after spending his entire life coaching Ademar. His return was not so successful as the Ademar victory gives a great chance for Ciudad Real to win the Asobal League.

Barcelona must forget this defeat to prepare for the Saturday game against Pick Szeged in the Palau Blaugrana. However, the week will be more important for Ademar Leon that will fight for the semi-final place in Kiel, where Leon need a victory. The players prepare with confidence after the successes of the last days…

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi