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Győr coach Konkoly and two players, Hornyák and Vérten, talk to after the Lada game.

Győr end winning series

Coach of Győri ETO, Csaba Konkoly, and two players, Ágnes Hornyák and Orsolya Vérten talk to after the Lada game.

Konkoly was not able to give good advice for the second halfCsaba Konkoly: There was no understanding between the goalkeeper and the defence, though it worked perfectly for 31 matches. We should have worked out a defence system that does not give so much space for the Russian back players, Davydenko and Postnova. In the second half we had difficulties with coming back to defence and we suffered six fast-break goals. I’m sorry that I was not able to invent anything to consolidate our 25-21 lead by the mid second half. What do you think about playing against Zvenigorod in the semi-finals?

Konkoly: I have not been looking so far in advance as I did not even know that we would play against them until recently. Zvezda have a completely different style to that of Viborg, for example. The team of Trefilov is more or less the Russian national team as well and we have to prepare with this in mind. It is lucky that we will have a whole week to prepare for the game.

Hornyák: Postnova was too strong

Ágnes Hornyák: I’m sorry that we could not please the fans coming in such a huge number. Pálinger and Tomori were missing, and we could not stop their left back. Though we tried everything, she was extremely powerful and it was decisive. Though we qualified, the game in Valcea will not be without anything to play for. We want to get our self-esteem back and start a new series. It will be a difficult match as we have too few players and no time to rest. Nevertheless, we will do everything for the victory and then we will prepare for the even more important games.

Vérten wants to start new series

Orsolya Vérten: Our coach told us that if we will win the next 31 games, we can lose the 32nd. We received many goals today and unluckily we could not score just one more. I feel that we were terrible in defence in both halftimes and we did not help Orsolya Herr in the goal at all. Their long shots came as clear chances. We had no major problems in attack and this can be seen by the number of goals we scored. We cannot blame this defeat on the missing players; we should have been able to solve this task...

TEXT: (Ildikó Balogh)