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The one-goal Lada victory secures Győr's group victory and gives Lada a huge chance to reach the semi-finals.

Győr prepare for Zvenigorod

Győri Audi ETO have secured their qualification to the semi-final already last round. Even a small defeat would have been enough for the Hungarians to win the group.

Postnova was in top form in GyőrAs coach Csaba Konkoly planned, Katalin Pálinger was on the right way to recover from her injury, so she could be nominated for the game. However, as they did not want to take any risk, she was watching the game from the stands together with the other injured, Tomori.

It was obvious right from the beginning that Lada arrived to Győr to take a victory. Davydenko and the others played with great speed and they took a 3-5 lead by the seventh minute. The Russians made use of all Hungarian mistakes.

In this phase Bradeanu and Vérten took the initiative, but the home fans had to wait until the 10th minute to take the lead back. Nikitina missed a 7-m shot, while Görbicz and Mravíková scored on the other end (12-11).

As the Russian players were ready to use the spaces left by the Győr defensive wall, it was already 14-17 for the hosts. Konkoly’s reaction was the following: Oguntoye replaced Herr in the goal, while Spiridon and Djokic were both playing in defence. The halftime eneded 17-18 for Lada.

Bradeanu and Mravíková took the lead after the restart and the guests had to run after Győr. This was not easy for them and the two goals of Görbicz made it 25-21 for Győr…

The Russians did not surrender, especially as Postnova and Vinogradova were impossible to stop. They took back the lead very quickly.

The endgame was very exciting with Bradeanu, Vérten scoring on the Hungarian side and Sidorova showing great goalkeeping in the last minutes. Bradeanu and Görbicz missed 7-m shots and it sealed the game. Lada won 33:34 to take a huge step towards qualification.

Győr will end the Main Round group on first place and they will play against Zvezda in the semi-finals. With this result Oltchim Vâlcea only have theoretical chance to go on as Lada Togliatti only need to win against Nürnberg at home.

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