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Ciudad Real took the two points easily by a six-goal victory over the Slovenians.

No chance for Velenje

The Spanish champion Ciudad Real did not allow Velenje cause a surprise in the 5th round. The Slovenians were easy opponents this time. It means that the Spanish side can even lose by one goal against Gummersbach in the last round, though not by more than one goal.

Vukovic had a difficult game against Pajovic and Dinart...The difference between the two teams was obvious. Gorenje arrived in the Quijote Arena without real motivation, while Ciudad Real were determined. Quick and simple attacks, pretty successful defending and many Gorenje mistakes gave Ciudad a 4:0 lead.

Siarhei Rutenka and Torsten Laen were unstoppable, but in 60 minutes almost everyone scored from the Spanish team.

Ciudad lay back

The biggest Ciudad advantage was nine goals in the 23rd minute (15:6). Gorenje only had a chance after the Spanish laid back and had a rest. On the other hand, the Slovenians started to play more aggressively in defence and had more ideas in attack.

With Drago Vukovic and Bostjan Kavas in good form, they came to minus five in the beginning of the second half, but that was all they could do.

Stefansson, Laen, Zorman, Pajovic, Entrerrios and the others took the two points with no problems. Ciudad Real have eight points now and they will play against Gummersbach for the semi-final place.

TEXT: Maja Mastnak, Sportal