Men’s CWC: Germans against each otherArticle
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The quarterfinals will see a big German duel and strong teams coming from the CL.

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Men’s CWC: Germans against each other

The EHF Cup competitions have arrived to the quarterfinals. The Men’s Cup Winners’ Cup will see some great battles of European top teams and top players.

Löwen vs Magdeburg

Valladolid with Muratovic was a top team in the CL last seasonIn fact, the first quarterfinal game between the two German teams drawn against each other, Rhein-Neckar Löwen  and SC Magdeburg already brought high level handball in a full SAP Arena in Mannheim. Former Magdeburg player, Polish international Bielecki played against his former team for the first time, but it was still not enough for the hosts to take a comfortable advantage. The 28:26 for Löwen promises an exciting return game in Magdeburg.

The other pairings all include teams well-known from European competitions and from the Champions League.

Kolding vs Veszprém

Danish Kolding with a European Champion Spellerberg in their team will meet Veszprém that did not play in the CWC since 2001. The Hungarians have been regular participants of the Champions League quarterfinals, semi-finals, but now they will have a chance to get even further.

Zaporozhye vs Schaffhausen

Zaporozhye and Schaffhausen both started the season in the CL Group Phase. The Ukranians reached the third place by beating Viborg and then went on to the CWC, while the Swiss team were highly unlucky to miss the Main Round after a 3-goal defeat in Zagreb.

Astrakhan vs Valladolid

Astrakhan also failed to qualify to the Main Round of the CL with a bad result in the last round after a successful campaing and beating Ivry at home. Playing against Valladolid will not be easy. The Spanish have world class players such as the Montenegrin Muratovic in their roster and they showed the world what they are able to do last year by reaching the semi-finals of the CL.