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The 19-year old GOG goalkeeper was superb against Szeged, but now he may have to prove in Barcelona too.

Landin: feet on the ground 

The situation is quite simple in Group 4: only two teams can win the group, FC Barcelona and GOG Svendborg TGI. The two teams will meet in the Palau Blaugrana on Saturday.

Landin has become known after the Szeged gameIf GOG win, the Danes will surely to win the group before the last round, while a Barcelona win of three goals or more (or by two with GOG scoring less than 32) would send the home team on to the semi-finals (the first match ended 35-33 for the Danes).  

Any other result would mean that the decision falls on next weekend when Barcelona will host Pick Szeged and GOG visit Celje.

Young keeper with self confidence

A decisive player may be GOG´s only 19-year old goalkeeper, Niklas Landin Jacobsen. Landin replaced the injured Peter Henriksen in Szeged a week ago and stunned everyone with no less than 23 saves.

On Wednesday night against Viborg in the Danish league the young Landin guarded the GOG goal in great form once again for 60 minutes. He saved 15 shots, three 7-metres. talked to the exceptionally talented goalkeeper. What was it like to become famous overnight?

Niklas Landin: Well, I’m not sure if you can get famous with just one good performance, but if I get the chance again, for instance against Barcelona, I’m ready to take it! So you are ready to be the hero in the Palau Blaugrana on Saturday?

Niklas Landin: Oh yes, I’m ready. Time will tell if I get the chance. Anyway, it could be real fun to save shots from such great shooters as the Barcelona players. Peter Henriksen has just extended his contract with the club and you are probably going to be substitute next season again. How do you feel about that?

Niklas Landin: So far I’m okay with that and anyway I expected us both to stay with the club next season. We get along very well, both on and off the court. I think he is a great guy and I do not feel bad at all now that he will stay. What are you ambitions for the future – a foreign career maybe?

Niklas Landin: Sometime in the future I definitely hope to play for a European top club. That is really a dream to me, and so is the Danish national team. Usually a goalkeeper’s best years are considered to be from his late twenties. Being only 19 what can you still achieve?

Niklas Landin: Yes, it will be fun to see how far I can get. If only I can avoid injuries, time will tell what is possible.

TEXT: Peter Bruun