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The great talent of GOG is aware that winning in Barcelona would be a difficult endeavour, still he is preparing to surprise the Catalonians.

Hansen believes in GOG

A piece of advice for the FC Barcelona defence and goalkeeper Kasper Hvidt: keep an eye on GOG´s number 18! Mikkel Hansen will play in the Palau Blaugrana on Saturday as GOG Svendborg TGI visit for a decisive encounter.

The Barcelona players should already know his name...The young, 20-year old Mikkel Hansen, has got a dangerous right hand for any defence. On Wednesday night, Hansen scored no less than 14 goals as GOG took a major step towards the play-offs in the Danish championship with a 34-31 away win over Viborg HK. Eurohandball.com met the talented left back.

Eurohandball.com: You are going through a hectic phase with your team now: playing for the semi-final in the Champions League and struggling to qualify for the Danish play-offs at the same time. How can a young player like you stay focused?

Mikkel Hansen: I try to focus on one match at a time. I always concentrate on the players I’m going to play against and simply to do as well as possible every game. It is very much a question of not looking further ahead than the next game.

Eurohandball.com: Next game… You will visit to Barcelona and the semi-finals may very well be decided. What are your feelings about that match?

Mikkel Hansen: It’s going to be an extremely difficult, of course, but it is also going to be a fantastic experience to play there. I can say on behalf of the whole team that we are really looking forward to that match. We are going to fight the best way we can. We hope that it will be enough. If not, we can at least look into the each others eyes afterwards and say that we did what we could.

Eurohandball.com: Do you feel deep inside that you can win in Barcelona and qualify for the semi-finals?

Mikkel Hansen: I travel to Barcelona with the strong belief that we do it! I would be stupid not to believe in the chance! Everything is possible after getting this far in the CL and defeating Barcelona once. …Even if we will play away and even if it is going to be tough.

Eurohandball.com: Barcelona will not underestimate you after your 35-33 win in the first match.

Mikkel Hansen: They probably won’t,. but I hope we can prepare a little surprise for them again…

TEXT: Peter Bruun