Thomsen back and optimisticArticle
«Go back talks to the 24-year old Viborg player who returned just recently after injury.

Thomsen back and optimistic

Viborg were missing quite a few injured players in the last couple of months. One of them was backcourt player, Lene Thomsen. Her absence was a big blow for the team as the tall left back is also a strong defender. By now she got over her knee injury that she suffered in December and is back on duty.

Thomsen can help a lot in this crucial phase of the talks to the 24-year old former national player about her role and about the chances after the second defeat against Hypo. You lost 27-32 at home on Saturday. Now it seems difficult to reach the semi-finals?

Lene Thomsen: It will be decided in the two last matches, just as I expected all the time. I hope that a good performance will be enough! But you will need an away win against Zvezda Zvenigorod on Sunday. And you had great problems with them at home as you only won by 31-29…

Lene Thomsen: Yes, but I still think that we have the team and the players who can do it. Of course, each and every player will have to do their best. If we do so, I definitely believe that we can win over there. You only returned to the team recently after a long injury. What is it like to be back right now?

Lene Thomsen: It’s wonderful! It is nice to be able to step in to replace some of the others when they need a break. Of course, I’m not yet able to play 60 minutes, so my job at the moment is to replace those who need a rest. In your latest home match against Hypo Niederösterreich some extra responsibility was on your shoulders – in the defence as well as in the attack. Rikke Skov was red carded after her third suspension. What was that like for you?

Lene Thomsen: When playing in attack I could feel that I do not have the speed in my feet that I used to have. Things went considerably better in defence. In attack, I had some trouble when the Hypo defence opened, but I did everything I could as long as I was on the court. You decided to leave Viborg after this season due to private reasons. Does this make you keener to end with a Champions League title?

Lene Thomsen: I would have wanted that anyway, no matter I was going to leave or not. I always want to perform well and as I was injured two years ago when we won the Champions League and the Danish championship, I would definitely like to finish with a title.

TEXT: Peter Bruun