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Győri ETO coach and players talk about their 30th consecutive victory in the season and about the injury of Pálinger.

30 out of 30

Győri Audi ETO have clinched their 30th victory of the season and the team are still unbeaten. Despite the victory, the players of Győr could not be absolutely satisfied as goalkeeper Katalin Pálinger was injured in the second half. Two ligaments were torn in the ankle of Pálinger and she will not be available for the last matches of the CL Main Round. 
Eurohandball.com asked goalkeeping coach István Bakos, Katalin Pálinger and Simona Spiridon after the Nürnberg game.

Eurohandball.com: What was the match like for the goalkeepers?

Pálinger was injured during a saveIstván Bakos: We knew that it would be a difficult match and we got what we wanted until mid second half: the Germans were on the attack and they believed in it. It also meant that we needed a good performance in the goal. Pálinger was in a good form and she took the confidence of the opponents. In the second half Pálinger suffered an unlucky injury. That’s life; it’s a game of gladiators...

Eurohandball.com: Are you satisfied with Orsolya Herr as well? She received a couple of goals from the wings.

Bakos: Yes, she is aware of it. We talked about Beck who jumps in and shoots from the right wing with right hand. She could have made saves only by stopping there firmly, but she lifted her legs and Beck could score. She could not tell me why she did so, which is a sign that the young goalkeeper was very excited. We are working to give her some more confidence.

Pálinger injured

Eurohandball.com: What about your ankle?

Katalin Pálinger: The girls did not believe me that my ankle would be swollen, but when I took the shoes off, they could also see that it was all blue. I don’t have too many ligaments there, so it cannot be torn too badly. When I stepped on the ball, it twisted and it was painful. I hope that I will be able to return soon with the effective treatment that I will get now.

Eurohandball.com: You were quite unlucky this time. You were even shot in the head...

Pálinger: That was the first shock of the game, but then I saved a penalty that made me happy.

Eurohandball.com: What is the secret of this stunning series, 30 victories in 30 games?

Pálinger: We take all the games equally seriously and prepare hard. I’m glad that we could defeat the German side too.

Playing against Herbert Müller

Simona Spiridon: It’s always a strange feeling for me to play against Herbert and his team as he is my coach in the Austrian national team. Though it was strange, we were better in playing this time too. So I have to apologise for this...

TEXT: handball.hu (Ildikó Balogh, Judit Juhász)