Gummersbach overcome tired GorenjeArticle
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"I noticed at halftime that my players had empty batteries," said the Slovenian coach as Velenle lost 21-29 after a good first half.

Gummersbach overcome tired Gorenje

The match between Gorenje and Gummersbach saw entertaining handball. The game with pretty good performance on both sides ended better for the German club. Gummersbach stay close to Ciudad Real and Montpellier in Group 2.

The story of two weeks ago in Cologne repeated in Velenje. Gorenje and Gummersbach were fighting hard. In the first half, the hosts showed superb defence (5-1). Momir Ilić had hard times against Slovenian goalkeeper Primoz Prost.

After Gummersbach were leading by three goals (3:1), Gorenje accelerated and made a 4-0 series. However, as they were unable to score with two players more on court, the opponents were back in the game. A first half played in good atmosphere ended with a 12:11 lead for the guests.

Gorenje's other face

"We had many problems in the first half with Gorenje’s defence and goalkeeper. We could not realise our plan," said Momir Ilić who woke up after the break and scored seven goals. In the last 30 minutes Gorenje lost the plot.

They made too many mistakes in defence so that Alvanos, Kuleshov and Krantz were scoring easily. In addition, the Slovenians converted their chances badly. The match ended with an eight-goal Gummersbach victory.

"I noticed at halftime that my players had empty batteries. With the high tempo of our national championship and the Champions League, we did not have enough strength," said Ivica Obrvan. The coach was content with first half, but he added:

"It hurts that we allowed Gummersbach to score six goals in a row at the end."

Gorenje have two points after four rounds, with while Gummersbach are still close to Ciudad Real and Montpellier with their second victory.

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