Ivry defeat Ademar in the 2nd halfArticle
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The French side got themselves together after the break to win 36-33 and take the first points in the Main Round.

Ivry defeat Ademar in the 2nd half

The French club Ivry defeated Ademar in a close game that was decided in the second half. The Spanish lost a good chance to stay in the race for the first place of Group 1. This result makes Kiel the favourites in the group as Ademar will travel to Germany in the final round. Leon were up in the score by four goals at halftime, but it was not enough for Ribera’s team.

The right winger Abalo was decisive in the second halfThe Spanish began the match well. Only Martinovic scored easily for the French and the team of Ribera took the control of the game. Ademar took the lead and things seemed to work all right for Leon. The Spanish side had a strong backcourt line and Laluska was very effective. He scored and gave good passes to Aginagalde in the line player position. It was enough to finish the first half with a 14-18 for Ademar. 

The Spanish defence also worked well in the first half. Jordi Ribera tried to stop the most dangerous weapon of Ivry, fast breaks. The hosts were unable to steal balls and go on counter attacks.

The second half was different, very different. The French defence worked well and the hosts came closer minute by minute. The Ademar goalkeepers could not perform on the same level as they did in the first half. Ivry made a 5-0 series in the last ten minutes, which was decisive in their triumph. 

The Spanish side were nervous in the last moments and it helped Ivry to win. Ivry won the game with the fast breaks of Luc Abalo, one the key players of the match. Guilbert, Martinovic and Tuzolana helped French winger in scoring.

While the French have no chance to reach the first place, Ademar still have some. They must win against Chehovskie and Kiel in the next two matches. This will be very difficult, but not impossible.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi