Surprise in Leon: Ademar beat KielArticle
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The Spanish team have done a great job in defence, took control of the Kiel stars, and won by four.

Surprise in Leon: Ademar beat Kiel

Ademar Leon defeated THW Kiel in the third round, which was the greatest surprise of the weekend. Jordi Ribera did not count on some of the important players, but the Spanish team defended very well and made it all difficult for Kiel. This victory also gives Chehovskie a chance to reach the semi-finals. The final result, 28-24, turned the Leon arena into a party hall.

Stranovski (with the ball) was match winner with 10 goalsThe game began as it was expected and Kiel took control of the score. Ademar could not count on Garralda, Jakobsen and Laluska. Ribera had to put winger Costa in the backcourt and Ademar were not able to penetrate the German defence. However, Saric immediately showed to be in form and the things went differently. The strong 6-0 defence of Ademar and a successful Saric gave the Spanish the lead for the first time.

Stranovsky scored ten goals and he was the most dangerous player of Ademar. The Slovak player had a great game and guaranteed a lot of speed for his team. Marcus Ahlm was the leader of Kiel. Karabatic, the usually most feared player of the Germans, was guarded really well. Ahlm had to take the role of Karabatic and he scored 6 important goals.

The second half was better for Ademar. Sarmiento, Valcic and Saric kept on playing at a good level, while Kiel could not close the gap. Philip Jicha made a good second half, but it was not enough. Ademar were already six goals up and Kiel had no chance long before the final whistle.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi