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The only CL game on Friday evening will be played in Chekhov. This could be a decisive battle in Group 2.

Hypo in Russia

The Austrian team look more terrifying than ever. Where ever they go, whoever they meet, they win. This time their destination will be Chekhov and their opponents will be Zvezda Zvenigorod.

Zvezda clinched an easy victory against SlagelseThe Austrians demonstrated their excellent form by winning against Viborg in Vienna. Gunnar Prokop wants to continue this winning streak in Russia too.

However, the Russian Champions led by coach Evgeniy Trefilov will be hard nuts to crack for Németh&Co. Zvezda have been doing extremely well in the last round of the CL. Even with all injuries of Slagelse, to defeat the title holders by 39:24 sounds very convincing.

Although Zvezda won easily, Trefilov was not to happy with the performance of his team at the press conference. He knows very well that the weakened in Slagelse was not everything. His team was allowed to make mistakes without being punished. But, he is well aware that it will be a different story with Hypo.

Doubts about Poltoratskaya, Sanko and Kareeva

At the last CL match against the title holder Slagelse, Trefilov could not count on Poltoratskaya, Sanko and Kareeva who all had flu. Their participation in Friday’s match against Hypo is still in doubt.

They also didn't play the Russian Championship match Astrakhanochka vs. Zvezda on last Sunday. Trefilov used well this match to prepare his team for Austrians. Zvezda won comfortably by 36:22 and the best scorer was Polenova with 8 goals from 10 attempts.

On the other side, the Hypo players are all healthy and ready for new Russian adventure.

This match can very well be the most exciting match of the Group 2. Whether András Németh continue his winning streak or Evgeniy Trefilov can spoil the plans of Prokop?

The duel of handball titans, Zvezda Zvenigorod vs. Hypo, will be played on Friday in Chekhov Hall. The referees will be Canbro and Claesson from Sweden. The match will be broadcast by RTR Sport and ORF.

TEXT: Ivan Ambros